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Exalate is Now a Cloud Fortified App on the Atlassian Marketplace

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The Atlassian Partner Program guarantees customer satisfaction and allows partners to align more with other Atlassian partners to provide customers with better services. 

Exalate’s vendor, iDalko, has been promoted to a Gold Marketplace Partner, meaning that we have met all the requirements regarding security practices and Cloud and Data Center compatibility. 

The requirements include: 

  • Support: Less than a 24-hour response time SLA to Atlassian for customer escalations 
  • Security and trust: Being a part of the Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program facilitates post-production vulnerability discovery. 
  • Certain annual gross sales

Aside from being an Atlassian Gold Marlerplace partner, iDalko’s product, Exalate, is now an Atlassian Cloud fortified app. 

This program is designed to serve the customers with more business-critical operating requirements of the Atlassian apps. 

Atlassian’s vision is to provide enterprise customers with the most suitable apps since these customers tend to have the most apps and a lot of customization. They can get apps with the traits and features that meet their individual needs. 

Check out this article for more information on target customers, target user tiers, and what Atlassian is optimizing to solve. 

Cloud Fortified App Program Overview 

To qualify as a Cloud Fortified app, Exalate has met minimum security, reliability, and support requirements.


Exalate is a participant in the Marketplace Security Bug Bounty Program and has received the Cloud Security Participant badge.

This program is hosted on Bugcrowd, a SaaS platform for crowdsourcing vulnerability discovery by talented global security researchers. Partners who join the Bug Bounty program allow these researchers to test their app(s) for security vulnerabilities. 

We’re also participating in the Security Self-Assessment Program, which is a collaboration between Atlassian and Marketplace partners to improve security practices. The goal is to provide customers with the necessary information to perform security evaluations.


The program aims to safeguard customer trust and guarantee that costs are reduced by preventing outages from happening. 

An Atlassian app will only get approved if it:

  • has an incident management process in place. For example, incident reviews should be completed after a production incident and that includes completing issues raised as a result of that review on time. 
  • follows the Service Level Objectives for SLIs defined by Atlassian by investigating when an SLO breach happens. 
  • has satisfied production readiness requirements like having a documented service restoration plan and assessing the scalability of the app. 
  • Has built core capability testing against a Vendor First Release tenant for breaking changes to be caught before they hit production.
  • succeeds in addressing deprecation within the defined period. 

Learn more about the reliability requirements


The Cloud Fortified apps program aims to guarantee a consistent customer experience by optimizing the support ticket handling and the cost. 

Customers can still contact the partners directly since this program’s goal is to standardize the customer experience when it comes to their support journey with Atlassian. 

  • As a Cloud Fortified app, Exalate will take care of critical customer support issues (T1) within 24 hours, 5 days a week. 
  • We’re also taking part in the third-party support procedure. So we’re able to provide and maintain a primary point of contact for customer support requests (raised through Atlassian support). 

Once an app is approved as a Cloud Fortified app, it is going to be a recommended app on the Atlassian Marketplace, mainly for enterprise customers. 

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