#HERpower with Maria from Radix

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In this edition, meet Maria from Exalate’s partner Radix. She shares her transition from the corporate world to becoming a vital member of a smaller AI company.

Read on about her journey from Italy to Belgium and how she’s distinguished herself over the years.


Maria’s goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with clients and guide them to reach business transformation by using Al technology. With a Master’s degree in Business Engineering and 9 years of work experience in the Software Development Industry, Maria Merenda is now Solution Lead at Radix.

The Conversation

Question: Can you start by introducing yourself? 

Maria: My name is Maria Merenda. I’m Italian, and I’m an AI solution lead with Radix. 

I studied business engineering, and while I was writing my thesis, I did my internship in Belgium, and that’s how I came to be here.

I finished my Master’s, and since then I’ve worked in numerous roles at various companies here. I worked for quite a while at Siemens in both quality management and process management, as well as quality compliance. 

In 2022, I got more familiar with AI and started talking to Radix. I went through the interview process, and I loved it, so here I am. 

Question: What exactly triggered your interest in AI and how did they convince you to start working with them?

Maria: I felt I needed a change. I wanted something more flexible, and faster, a startup or a scale-up. You could say it was the perfect jump for me. 

Question: Can you tell me a bit more about your role? What does a solution lead do? 

Maria: It incorporates a lot of different things. I’m the main contact for our clients and the project team. 

We are a consultancy company. I take care of account management for long-term clients. I also do pre-sales when we have a new lead to work on new proposals.

After that, I play project manager, ensuring we deliver value to the client.