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ITIL 4 and Agile Integration

Integration Talks Podcast

In this episode of Integration Talks, a podcast on everything integration, Francis hosts Rob Akershoek to discuss ITIL 4 and agile integration.

Rob is an IT Management Consultant with expertise in a wide range of topics: DevOps, IT4IT, IT Service Management (ITIL), Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), Enterprise Architecture (TOGAF) and Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), AIOps, Agile development, Service Integration and Management (SIAM), Cloud Management, and Value Stream Management. 

About this episode: 

  • Where Agile and ITIL 4 meet 
  • Agile processes in a product development context involving multiple companies
  • Deploying ITIL 4 processes
  • and more

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Episode Transcript

Francis Martens: Good afternoon and welcome to the Integration Talks! I am Francis Martens, your host today. Integration Talks is all about system integrations, internal and cross-company. It’s not only about technology but also processes, how-tos, practices, everything which is useful to make your integration projects successful. Today we’re welcoming Rob, Rob Akershoek, and we’re going to talk about agile processes.

Hey Rob! Can you tell us a bit about who you are and what your background?

Rob Akershoek: Sure! My name’s Rob Akershoek and I’m typically involved in larger organizations helping them in the digital journey, it’s really about IT management, so I am helping them set up an operating model, with the tooling, the processes, and the right date, we manage the digital delivery. Let’s say, from idea to production, so end to end. So it includes, as you said, agile development, DevOps, IT service management, ITIL So it is how you create a more integrated, streamlined IT management organization.

So I’m a consultant there working with the CIO office. My background, I started as a software engineer or developer, right? My combination is business and IT at university and I ran into the development space and then over the years, I moved to the IT management space that I am in now. It’s typically a combination of things like DevOps, IT service management, and anything you need to manage IT. We’ll come to that later during this session.

Francis: It reminds me a bit of the Software Factories. Is that the term that you intend to use?

Rob: It is Software Factory. Nowadays we call it maybe value streams or software engineering value streams but it’s indeed like a factory model or how do you manage your IT, let’s say from an idea to get something in production. It’s typically how manufacturing is doing it, right? To put the idea to market, or continuously improving it. So a lot of things are related to that concept of lean manufacturing as well indeed.

But software is different than a manufacturing organization, I guess. But there are a lot of similarities but the value streams are different. In software, we can fix things once we deploy them, and if you’re producing cars, you need to come back for repair, so that’s a different model, right?

Francis: Yeah, there’s a big difference and it might be a learning experience to know how this ITIL and ITSM can apply in such an environment. So you’re writing quite some articles,

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