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ITIL4 Explained and Integrating Multiple Help Desks

This is the very first episode of Integration Talks, a podcast where we discuss everything software integration with thought leaders and experts across industries.

In this episode, Alexander Schmidt, an ITIL 4 trainer and owner of Value Insights with a lot of experience in multinational companies in Switzerland and Hungary, tells us all about ITIL 4 and its role in integrating multiple helpdesks.

About this episode:

  • Update from ITIL3 to ITIL4
  • Using ITIL4 and the voice of the customer with different helpdesks
  • ITIL4 and multi-helpdesk integration
  • Measuring the integration’s KPIs for the companies involved 

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Episode Transcript

Francis Martens: Hey Alexander! Thank you for joining the integration podcast! Tell me a bit about who is Alexander.

Alexander Schmidt: Yeah, thank you very much for having me. My name is Alex Schmidt, I’m in Switzerland and I’m a co-founder of a small company here called Value Insights and our main business is actually training in the area of service management, everything around ITIL 4 the latest version, right? And everything around Scrum and also the scaled version of that which is done by yeah scaled agile and we do provide these trainings online, also in-house for companies, mainly for companies and for businesses and but we also do it for private people if there is any interest you know like public classes and so on. And besides that, we are also running a blog around these topics creating also mock exams which can be you know downloaded by people who are preparing for any of these exams.

Francis: Okay… so I was wondering Alex so regarding ITIL, how is that in Switzerland? Is it a big thing? Is this… what type of companies are working with ITIL at the moment?

Alex: It’s getting there, I mean it’s not that fast-paced as it might be in different other countries I’ve seen like in India it’s very big also the fourth version now of ITIL and in Switzerland, people take it a little bit more you know slowly. Stability is fine but more and more companies are getting into it so I’m really excited about that and I’m looking forward to maybe, you know, training a little bit more as well but it takes some time.

There are some regulations in Switzerland especially around data security and information security which need to…

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