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The Challenges of Software Integration

Integration Talks Podcast

In this episode of Integration Talks, a podcast on everything integration, Francis hosts Steve Morgan from Syniad IT to discuss the challenges of integration.

Steve specializes in the assessment, design, build, and implementation of IT Operating Models, using frameworks such as Service Management (ITSM) and Service Integration & Management (SIAM) in organizations to optimize their technology teams, improve processes, and manage complex multi-vendor eco-systems.

About this episode: 

  • Why is categorization important?
  • The benefits of SIAM implementation
  •  How to manage cultural change
  • and more

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Episode Transcript

Francis Martens: Welcome to the “Integration talks” new episode about system integrations, especially focused on multi-vendor or cross-company integrations itself. Today I’m welcoming Steve Morgan from  Syniad IT. And welcome Steve how are you doing?

Steve Morgan: Hi yeah I’m good. I’m really pleased to be here thanks for having me along. Be really keen to chat with you today and we can work through some of these service integration challenges that you’re gonna post so pleased to be here. Thanks, Francis.

Francis: So what’s Syniad IT. What’s your company doing? 

Steven: So, uh we’re based in the UK, we work with clients across the globe, not just in the UK but across Europe, North America as well. The primary aim of the organization is to help IT leaders improve their IT operations, the specialism is around IT Service Management so things like ITIL.

And then in the last five or six years, we’ve been turning our attention to Service Integration and Management or SIAM depending on where you are in the world. And as an organization, we’ve been involved both, on the one hand in the development of collateral around SIAM, so there are some books that we’ve been involved in developing and on the other hand, delivering real projects, real-world SIAM projects for our clients. From design through to build, implementation and we cover that whole gamut. So yeah, relatively small organization but very nimble, very flexible, and able to help customers, kind of whatever the challenge is, be it large or small really.

So yeah, that’s what we’re doing. And we’ve found ourselves in a position where we’re quite widely regarded as being experts in the field. So, it’s really a strong place to be. 

Francis: It’s getting more and more interesting an environment to be in, right? With this, we would need to have more effective cooperation with your suppliers right?

Steven: Yes, absolutely I think the tides are changing, aren’t they? The culture that we used to have where we’d have one supplier who would deliver everything in a monolithic contract for us and we would kind of beat that supplier up with a big stick!

And, you know work harder, work better, you know, work more reliably. I think those days are gone and I think the organizations are looking for more of a partnership model with their suppliers and suppliers are more able to really add value to the business of their customers rather than just be seen as a commodity provider like a telephony provider or the guy who provides the photocopiers or you know that kind of thing. You know it’s more than a commodity. There’s some real business value to be added there, I think.

Francis: Yeah, so IT systems are much more than only like a connection to your telephone system right?

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