Your main responsibility is to grow an engineering organization that can deliver products with the right quality and within the agreed time and budget.

Responsibilities for Engineering Manager:
Job satisfaction of the engineers is a key performance indicator, so you will have to be a people manager and leader.

  • Manage an engineering team of 20 and more talented people
  • Conduct regular 1-1s and Performance Reviews of the team members  
  • Actively participate in the growth of the engineering team by recruiting the appropriate people or ensure proper career paths for the existing staff members
  • Organize the day-to-day operations such that everyone knows what needs to be done, by when, for what reason, and how it needs to be done by working with the different team leads.
  • Identify bottlenecks in the engineering processes and remedy these by working with the team
  • Promote an open and transparent culture where everyone's contributions are valued appropriately
  • Work with product management to implement the agreed roadmaps according to specifications and expectations.  
  • Report on the progress of the different product and internal projects, indicating deviations from the existing plans.
  • Address field issue escalations and security vulnerabilities appropriately

Our requirements for this position are:

  • 5+ years experience in leading a large team developing a complex product.
  • Great analytical and math skills
  • Ability to collaborate with other teams
  • Interpersonal skills to manage a team of engineers
  • Ability to give constructive criticism
  • Ability to make decisions and ensure that these decisions are properly communicated throughout the organization.
  • Excellent English speaking and writing skills