Exalate is an innovative integration platform allowing to build a synchronisation bridge between different work management systems.  It's unique single tenant distributed nature using a customized synchronisation engine makes it a solution which allows to implement a large array of integration scenarios.

"Exalate cloud" is an infrastructure optimized for the hosting of Exalate nodes. This infrastructure is implemented on top of a number of K8S cluster running on a Google Cloud based environment.  The Exalate Cloud application is using a set of open-source technologies to implement its functionality.  

As Exalate Cloud developer, your main responsibility is to define and implement the roadmap of Exalate Cloud in close-cooperation with the whole exalate team.  Additionally you carry an operational responsibility to handle Critical or Blocking issues which requires advanced technical knowledge of how the cluster operates.  

The unique combination of the technologies used in Exalate cloud plus the need to have a scalable solution serving thousands of customers worldwide is a technical challenge which requires someone with the passion of developing innovative products using open source technologies

It is good to know that:

  • The Exalate product is being developed using a technology stack based on React, Play, Scala, Java, Python, Postgres, Docker, k8s, terraform, and much more.
    We have all a passion on delivering quality products.

  • We follow an agile development methodology with continuous integration, git-flow, pull requests, static code checks.
    You understand how this works and how it translates into deliverables. 

  • iDalko has remote working in its genes. 
    People are working from different continents and countries (Costa Rica, Canada, Belgium, Ukraine, France, Spain, Belarus) and we are expanding. This has also the consequence that tools like Slack, Zoom, Confluence, Jira are part of your daily work environment.

  • Information security is a top priority in our concerns and is something everyone needs to be attentive to.  
    Security vulnerability related issues need to be handled in a timely manner and communicated to the relevant audience.  Especially with Exalate cloud, any change can lead to a security vulnerability.

  • English is almost your mother tongue.
    Your colleagues master in total a mix of 19 different languages (we like diversity), so we had to settle on one. Due to the technical nature of the product, it is English. So expect to use that one - a lot.

Your responsibilities would be:

  • Exalate Cloud Development
    We expect you to handle the roadmap for the further development of exalate cloud. Exalate cloud has been designed based on 'Infrastructure as code' where the configuration is stored in a database.  Python based logic translates this configuration into terraform scripts which are then applied onto the K8S cluster.
    The exalate business requires a further evolution of the feature set such as building scalability over multiple clusters, node migration, audit logging, introducing EDR technologies on the compute engine as on the pods ...

  • Exalate Cloud Critical operations
    The support of Exalate cloud is broken down into 3 tiers - Level 1, Level 2, Level 3
    As a senior exalate cloud developer, you will have to take care of critical escalations (like database down), maintenance of the cluster, intervene in case of severe performance issues and ensure that all security controls are fully functional.

    Also you will have to spend time on coaching (mainly) L2 and L1 cloud engineers (no people management duties) about the technologies in use.  We want everybody to grow.

We expect that the Development aspect will take 90% of your occupation, while operations 10%.  

Our requirements for this position are:

  • You are an expert in open source technologies such as Terraform, Google Cloud, Cloud Networking, Traefik, Kubernetes, Python, Django, Linux, Docker, ...
  • Your stackoverflow reputation is in the top 15% overall as you like to communicate and provide answers to technical challenges in a clear and concise way.
  • You can work independently and drive a request to delivery by engaging with the team, find workarounds in case of speed bumps.  Keep it simple and effective is your mantra
  • You avoid shortcuts in the code as you know they are going to bite back.
  • You consider that you are responsible for the quality of your work (in all aspects), and you appreciate the contribution of your quality control colleagues - who try to help you achieve your goals
  • By default you automate any repeating tasks.
  • Finally, security is key in everything you do.  

Our Values:

  • We Thrive on Diversity

    At Exalate we build a supportive and inclusive culture where all of us belong, contribute, and can thrive. We respect diversity of thought and experience and we welcome different approaches, fresh ideas  and creative thinking. We recognize that passion and personality matter and  treat each other with respect.

  • We Are in Sync

    As our uniting value, We Are In Sync simply means that we do great things together. We are truly global, yet we rely on our ability to connect, align, collaborate and work as a team. We share and celebrate success by valuing and recognizing each contribution. Everything is within our power, because our power is within our team. 

  • We Take Action

    Our proactive spirit is one of the characteristics that best defines us. We have the courage and confidence to act on our best ideas, and we are constantly raising the bar.  We trust in people and give them the resources and freedom they need to reach their goals. We've accepted the challenge of being  the best.

  • We Are Enjoying the Journey

    We have ambitious goals and vast to-do lists, but also kind personalities, diverse talents, brave souls, and generous hearts. We surround ourselves with people who inspire us and are great to work with. As we continue to grow - personally, professionally, and as a team, we remember to enjoy and appreciate the journey. And to have some fun along the way.