We are looking for a highly-skilled, experienced Technical Product Manager for the Exalate product line.

It is good to know that:

  • We follow an agile development methodology with continuous integration, git-flow, pull requests, static code checks.
    You understand how this works and how it translates into deliverables. You can pinpoint what can be improved and help make that reality.
  • iDalko has remote working in its genes.
    People are working from different continents and countries (Costa Rica, Belgium, Ukraine, France, Spain, Belarus, Czech Republic, India) and we are expanding. This has also the consequence that tools like Slack, Zoom, Confluence, Jira are part of your daily work environment.
  • Information security is a top priority in our concerns and is something everyone needs to be attentive to.
    Security vulnerability related issues need to be handled in a timely manner and communicated to the relevant audience.
  • Data is our bible.
    Gut feeling is good, but making conclusions based on quantitative and qualitative data is even better. An analytical, mathematical mindset is required to find outliers which can make a big difference.

Technology stack: React, Play, Scala, Java, Python, Postgres, Docker, k8s.

Your responsibilities would be:

Your main responsibility is to drive the evolution and the development of the whole integration platform in close cooperation with the product team.

You own the roadmap and work with the whole team towards an optimal product and market fit.
You ensure that the entire world wants to use the product.

English is almost your mother tongue.
Your colleagues master in total a mix of 19 different languages (we like diversity), so we had to settle on one. Due to the technical nature of the product, it is English. So expect to use that one — a lot.

On a daily basis, you will:

  • Groom the product backlog.
  • Prepare the scope of the new features by working with different internal and external stakeholders on how these features match the overall vision.
  • Understand the impact of bugs escalated out of our support and community channels and make sure they are prioritized and properly addressed.
  • Work with our technical and business analyst for the nitty-gritty details of implementations and approaches.
  • Agree and commit with the team on the content of an iteration (sprint), follow up on these commits, and evolve to a predictable cadence of releases.
  • Take and defend decisions to ensure the on-time quality delivery of the features.
  • Ensure that these deliveries are in sync with the product plan, marketing plan, and business plan.
  • Help to adapt our way of working to increase efficiency, quality, and job satisfaction.
  • Devise metrics to measure the overall quality of the product user experience.
  • Collaborate with external vendors on helping our product expand, answering product related questions, and getting things done.
  • Communicate, communicate, and communicate.

You will be working in a cross-functional team of passionate product engineers. Your main contact points within iDalko will be the project manager, the business and technical analyst, the engineers, support, customer success, and the product marketeer. But you are also expected to set up conversations with customers, prospects, leads, and fans to be able to make qualitative decisions on how the product needs to evolve.

There is no silver bullet for filling in the role of a technical product manager — so you decide how you will meet your responsibilities and find the best way to work with your colleagues to meet your personal and shared objectives. Your job is your job, your agenda is your agenda and your performance is assessed on what you deliver.

Our requirements for this position are:

  • 3+ years of PO/PM background within a complex software project/product.
  • English B2 and higher.
  • Experience in setting up of the development processes.
  • Logical, organized and structured mindset, pro-active attitude.

Bonus points for:

As a technical product manager, we would prefer if you:

  • Have no problem diving into a pull request and provide sensible comments, which can be understood by any engineer.
  • Know how to bring up a docker container to validate something.
  • Can mention 20 IT acronyms and their meaning (such as TDD, ITIL, I18N, API, SPI, JDBC etc).