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How Turkey’s Biggest Insurance Company Uses Exalate to Promote Real-Time and Seamless Synchronization with Suppliers

Exalate case study Turkiye Sigorta

Türkiye Sigorta – Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik is a pension and life insurance company that was previously merged with 3 public governmental companies to become the biggest pension and life insurance company in Turkey. 

With 38 regional directorates, approximately 3.000 agencies, expert staff serving at about 5.000 bank branches, and robust technological infrastructure, Türkiye Sigorta and Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik ranks as one of the leaders of the industry. They are incorporated by gathering the public insurance and pension companies of Turkey and have undertaken to provide service by satisfying the expectations of their insureds at the highest level.

Having adopted an agile, innovative, and sensitive approach, they offer a competitive insurance product by providing royal treatment for their insureds and participants.

Türkiye Sigorta and Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik provide services throughout the country by adopting a sense of use for goodness and developing innovative solutions by providing their insureds and participants, covering approximately 16 million people, with a rich product portfolio and a wide service network.

Türkiye Sigorta IT, in charge of the SDSS and ITSM processes, recounts their story about the challenges they were facing before adopting Exalate and how Exalate has helped them maintain a seamless flexible synchronization between different Jira instances. Onuralp Öznalbant, the information security officer from TS IT, tells us all about it. 

Why Exalate? 
• Full control over what’s shared and how it’s shared 
• Flexible and autonomous sync between internal systems and the supplier’s
• Seamless integration between Jira instances and other internal systems 
• Helpful support 

Tackling the Challenge 

Turkiye Hayat Emeklilik’s core system had been developed by a supplier and they had been using their supplier’s Jira too, as they did not have an in-house/ SDSS software before acquiring their own Jira Software. 

As a result, they faced some challenges when integrating data between different teams: 

  • They were completely dependent on their supplier when it came to development and improvements of the software. 
  • They had to go through the whole process of reaching out to their supplier if they wanted to access their tickets’ history. They could not keep any sort of archives either. 
  • They didn’t have any flexibility as they were not allowed to modify anything on their Jira to adjust it to their changing requirements. 
  • Aside from their core system, they also used some side systems like CRM and web development, and these systems were not seamlessly integrated, neither had they full control over their ticketing system or the shared data. 

To overcome these challenges, they began considering developing their own in-house integration solution, to integrate with the supplier and follow up on their tickets autonomously. They were also going over a couple of off-the-shelf solutions among which Exalate won as the best candidate when proposed by a partner.  

Before adopting Exalate, Turkiye Hayat Emeklilik IT did some tests and tried it out to see if it worked for their specific use case. They wanted to evaluate the solution to see if the tickets were synchronized flexibly between the systems the way we wanted. They had to make sure if we could control how tickets were sent out and received as it was the main criteria they were looking for in a solution. 

And that’s where Exalate came into the picture to enable a seamless integration between their Jira instances. 

Flexible and Autonomous Data Sharing with Exalate 

Exalate checked all the boxes for the company enabling the team to integrate their systems in the best way possible for their specific use case.

“It was very important for us to assess the solution’s flexibility to see if we could improve or develop a better sync with our supplier. Exalate met all our requirements and during the past 4 years, it has even been supporting us in many other ways. There have also been a lot of bugs and problems in the systems that were resolved thanks to the Exalate support.”

Adds Onuralp. 

Turkiye Hayat Emeklilik has also managed to save a lot of time as there is no need to manage two different software but only one, so they can have full control over what is shared and how. Exalate has solved the remaining problems for them connecting them to the other Jira and handling all the data between the systems in a secure yet autonomous way. 

So we asked Onuralp about Exalate’s most prominent feature that has helped their team work more efficiently:  

Expanding the Exalate Network

Turkiye Sigorta’s IT department is a shared department between the two parties, so they will support both insurance and pension and life companies. 

The insurance side, however, uses another core system provided by a supplier and they also have their own ticket management system. Onuralp explained that they’re already working on an API or a web service to connect to their system. 

So they’re looking forward to using Exalate to integrate their systems. 

Results Recap 

  • Taking advantage of the solution’s autonomy to fully control tickets and data sharing
  • Intuitive ticket handling 
  • Saving a lot of time and effort

As companies grow bigger and their collaboration goes cross company, their need to adopt a seamless integration becomes more and more inevitable. You can save time, money, and resources with the right solution and of course enjoy the ease of communication without having to handle everything manually.

Become an Exalate user and experience a seamless integration and an optimized workflow. It’s flexible enough for any sync use case. 

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